Excerpts from Around Sonoita :


Leslie and Raymond D. Schock help their mother, Nellie, cut firewood with a crosscut saw at their homestead in Rain Valley, east of Sonoita. The boys referred to the outhouse, seen in the background, as the “two-holer.” The Whetstone Mountains are in the distance. 1918. (Courtesy of William Schock.)


One-year-old Irene Wood (Lozar), daughter of Leonard “Pete” and Ola Wood, sits on the back of a 1924 Model T Raceabout in front of her grandmother, Dora Lowe Wood's homestead in Sonoita. When Dora Lowe's first husband died she married John Wood, later divorced him and moved to Sonoita, where her son “Pete,” “proved up” a homestead for her north of Yucca Ash Road. Ca. 1925. (Courtesy Rene Prentice.)